About Me

Hi there! I’m so excited that you’re here!

I’m Kimberly – an enthusiast, traveler, dog lover, adventurer, environmentalist, and writer. I love my life. I love this world. And I’m genuinely grateful for everything I have.  

Currently, the road is my home. I don’t live in one place for more than a month. I move from one city to another to immerse myself in new cultures and meet new amazing people.

I have already lived in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and India and it was a life-changing experience. Today, I appreciate every second even more than I did before.

I’m not a solo traveler. I explore this world together with my golden retriever Minty. And know what?  I believe that she is the best travel buddy on the planet Earth! Thanking Minty, I have never felt lonely while staying far from my homeland!

I’m a freelance writer, so I take advantage to work from any place I want. I run blogs and manage Instagram accounts for different companies, which operates in the beauty and travel industries. It’s worth mentioning that I cooperate exceptionally with those businesses, which shares my values and interests.

Also, I’m involved in volunteering work. I help local environmental organizations to clean beaches from plastic and to save the lives of injured wild animals. I will never forget the day when I bottle fed a baby spider monkey for the first time!

Apart from work, I enjoy reading books in English, French, and Spanish. Telling the truth, I’m not fluent in these foreign languages, but still, I try to read original books rather than their translated copies. It’s rather challenging, yet interesting task for me.

In contrast to other young girls, I dislike contemporary romance books. I prefer classic literature, or at least modern novels, which leave me to enjoy the pleasant aftertaste. I love that feeling when a story impresses me so deeply that I have to wait for at least a few days before start another book.

I am passionate about reading and writing, so I decided to launch my own blog. Here I publish my articles that cover various topics: from environmental issues to ethical dilemmas. I have diverse interests, and I always challenge myself to explore new problems.

So welcome to my blog! Enjoy reading my posts and sharing your opinions!