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If you u2019re fortunate enough to have a scholarship or financing for your degree, you may be able to set aside some money particularly for consultation services.

Personal Statement Editing

Your personal statement is arguably the most important piece of your medical school application. Even with fantastic grades and an impressive list of extracurricular activities and awards, your chances of getting into a great medical school will diminish significantly with a poorly written personal statement. A great essay is sometimes enough to get you the interview offer, while a poor statement can shut the door on an otherwise top-tier applicant.

If you are struggling to start, we will work with you to brainstorm ideas, taking inspiration ranging from your life experiences to your most recent classes. We will help you frame your journey in a compelling manner to make you stand out from the crowd. The Med School Insiders Personal Statement Editing Service will help you portray your strengths, refine your writing voice, and maximize your chance for an interview offer.

Our medical school personal statement editing service include careful analysis of content and tone in addition to insights on how to improve your essay to impress medical school admissions committees. Your essay will be edited by a real doctor with real medical school admissions committee experience. These are the people that know the medical school admissions process inside and out.

Personal Statement Editing Features

Rigorous Selection

Being a top doctor isn’t enough to become a Med School Insiders essay editor. All physician editors must make it through a rigorous screening process.


One size does not fit all. Whether you need help brainstorming or placing finishing touches, we’ll design a plan that’s perfect for your needs.

Real Doctors. Insider Insights

Our team of doctors have served on admissions committees. You will receive key insights from those who have been intimately involved with the selection process.

Surgical Precision

You won’t find another service with this level of attention to detail. That’s because we have a proprietary systematic approach for each personal statement we work on.

How it Works

Step 1. Purchase the best personal statement editing option below for your needs. After signing up, you’ll receive instructions in your inbox on how to submit your personal statement.

Step 2. We will pair you with a doctor advisor with experience on medical school or residency admissions committees. You’ll receive thorough edits, usually within 48-72 hours.

Step 3. Implement the edits, feedback, and suggestions. If you purchased multiple edits, send us your new version to perfect the essay and get it ready for submission.

See What Others Are Saying

The personal statement review service has been instrumental in helping me craft a statement that makes me feel confident for the upcoming application cycle. From Dr. Jubbal’s prompt communication to Dr. Williamson’s attention to detail and in-depth editing notes, I could not be more pleased working with Med School Insiders. Within a 24-hour period, my personal statement went from a somewhat interesting story to a persuasive and compelling narrative that is true to my personal path toward medicine. By precisely tuning my language, restructuring key sentences, and working on overall flow, Dr. Williamson helped me turn my own writing into the best version of itself. I would urge any students seeking admission into medical school to make this small investment and work with Med School Insiders to maximize their potential for acceptance.

I’m often very skeptical when it comes to editing services as they often provide minimal feedback while charging a ton of money. However, I’ve followed Dr. Jubbal and Med School Insiders for years and they’ve provided me with really valuable information on a wide variety of topics. For med school, writing the personal statement was one of the most daunting parts of my application. I knew that I wanted it stand-out among the thousands of others that admissions committees read throughout the application cycle. Working with Dr. Pandey to go through a draft of my statement provided to be a very valuable experience that really took my statement to the next level and develop a unique, well-crafted message of why I’d be a great candidate. I highly recommend the service to anyone who wants to obtain clear, objective advice on how to improve one of the most important parts of their application to medical school!

I personally purchased the personal statement 3-edit package, and I could not be happier with the results. My rough draft went from 50% done to 90% polished in just one edit, which alone saved me weeks of work. The following 2 edits resulted in a completed statement that stayed true to my voice but gave it professionalism and conciseness. Their expertise was evident through the entire process. If I ever need advice or med school services I wouldn’t think twice about what service to use – Med School Insiders.

I am so thankful that I found Med School Insiders to help me with my personal statement. Nikeshan meticulously helped me structure it in a way that best highlights my experiences and appeals to admissions committees. It was evident that he reflected on me as an applicant holistically and made sure "my voice" was maintained throughout the essay. The turnaround was so fast and I feel so much more confident applying this cycle now. Thank you so much, Med School Insiders!

Meet your top-tier editors

She is an incoming Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery resident physician, which is one of the most competitive residency specialties to match into. Your editor has extensive writing and personal statement editing experience as well as has spent years serving on the medical school admissions committee.

"I had such a great experience working with my editor, I am going to purchase other services such as the interview prep. I wish I had known about the services earlier because it would have been very helpful. The editor who worked with me was perfect he translated my writing into what I was trying to convey."


Personal Statement Editing – Medical School

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